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Your local Delaware Apiaries

Wilmington & New Castle, DE

Established in 2014, Planting Hope Apiary began as part of the Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Veteran Beekeeper program. Planting Hope Apiary & Douglas Bee Apiary are both owned and operated by local beekeeper, Duane Douglas.

The Apiaries sell honey, beeswax for candle-making, and produces both nucleus colonies, as well as, local queens for sale. We also use the Apiary to teach new beekeepers.

Duane offers honey bee removal services for the Wilmington and New Castle County areas, giving the bees that have been taken from houses or trees a new home at the Apiaries.

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Planting Hope Apiary

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Nucs and Queen Bees

A Nuc—essentially a small working hive—is the best and most secure way to start beekeeping. Nucs come with frames filled with brood, honey, pollen, a healthy young queen and bees of the nuc. The frames are well covered with enough bees to keep the brood warm and to take care of the small hive. 

At our Apiaries, we raise local queens for sale. Plus, we also partner with Boston Honey Company to provide mated queens. 

Click below to learn more about our nuc availability or about our queens. Watch your honey bees thrive and just wait until the honey starts flowing.

Douglas Bee Apiary Bees Frame

Bee & Swarm Removal

Honey bees will often times make a home on their own, in places that may not be convenient. Bees also swarm as a natural part of their life cycle, it is how the colony reproduces. Naturally-made bee hives or swarms are often found in hollow trees, attics, chimneys and underneath the siding of a homes.

Contact us to get help removing honey bees from inside buildings or trees at your home or work.

Don't forget to stock up on honey & merch!

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Honey & Comb Honey

Our apiaries produce over 2000 pounds of honey each year. We sell both regular honey and comb honey, as well as beeswax. Honey is usually pulled from July to September (sometimes in the spring).

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Beeswax & Wax Cappings

We sell both regular beeswax as well as beeswax cappings by the pound. Cappings are a great material for candlemaking.

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