About Us

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How We Got Started

Established in 2014, Planting Hope Apiary began as part of the Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Veteran Beekeeper program. Planting Hope & Douglas Bee Apiaries are both owned and operated by local beekeeper, Duane Douglas.

Douglas Bee Apiary & Planting Hope Apiary have grown to a business that produces honey, utilizes apiary beeswax for candles, and produces both nucleus colonies, as well as, local queens for sale. We have also teamed up with the folks at The Boston Honey Company (BHC) to facilitate a large number of nucs and provide mated queen bees.

We also offer bee removal services for the Wilmington and New Castle County areas. 

Our Mission

At Douglas Bee Apiary we are committed to keeping bees in their natural habitat in a local and sustainable way. We also use the Apiary to teach new beekeepers and to give a home to bees that have been removed from houses or trees.

Our Products & Services

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Honey & Wax

Our apiaries produce over 2000 pounds of honey each year. We sell both regular honey and comb honey, as well as beeswax. Honey is usually pulled from July to September (sometimes in the spring).

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Nucs & Queens

Douglas Bee Apiary & Planting Hope Apiary partner with The Boston Honey Company (BHC) each year to provide quality nucs and mated queen bees for sale. Contact us to reserve your nuc!

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Bee Removal Services

Honey bees often make their home in a place that may not be convenient for us humans. Hollow trees, attics, chimneys and underneath the siding of a home. Let us help with your bee removal.